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How to Remove Vinyl Decals

At some point you may want to remove your vinyl wall art from your wall, board or tile and put something else up in its place. Vinyl is very easy to remove, but please read the notes before deciding to remove your lettering.

Note 1: Vinyl does not fade, but over time your wall paint will. When you peel off the design, you will probably find the paint under the vinyl is slightly darker than the rest of your wall color. This is called "ghosting". You can be certain if your wall gets direct sunlight, the paint will fade even faster. So, you may decide not to remove your lettering until you are ready to repaint.

Note 2: Matte vinyl will not damage your properly primed and painted wall. Therefore, if your wall was NOT properly primed before it was painted, there is a small possibility the matte vinyl may peel the paint off the walls. I have never heard of this happening, but it could be a possibility.

Removing Matte Vinyl
Matte vinyl has a water-based adhesive and was manufactured for short-term outdoor use. If the Matte vinyl is less than two years old, simply peel up the corner with your fingernail and pull it off.

If your vinyl is over two years old, you may need to warm up the vinyl adhesive with a hair dryer. Once warmed up, use tweezers or your fingernail to peel up the edge and pull it off.

Removing Glossy Vinyl
Glossy vinyl has a solvent-based adhesive and meant for permanent or semi-permanent outdoor use. If you have glossy vinyl on your indoor walls, there is a good possibility it might take the paint off with the vinyl. Try the hair dryer method. If that doesn't work, try some Oops or Goo-B-Gone. Your best bet is to leave it until you are ready to repaint.

To remove glossy vinyl from your vehicle body or from windows, simply use a razor blade. You can always additionally use the above adhesive removers as well.

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