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Car Decals - Stick People

Create your own Family Car Window Decals today! These outrageously popular car decals are fun to create and fun to display on your vehicle.

How To Order:

For each stick figure you choose, follow these instructions:

1. Stick Figure Family Group: Leave this on "Family 1" unless you have multiple family groups you are adding to the cart. If so, designate to which family group each stick figure belongs.

2. Order of Appearance: What order do you want them in? For instance, Dad - 1, Mom - 2, etc. If your pet runs the household, you may want them first. Your stick family will be sent all on one sheet, in the order you choose, so it's easy for you to apply them to your vehicle. If you decide to change the order or want to place them at angles to each other, just cut them apart.

3. Stick Figure Size: The stick figures have a range of heights available for order. The heights vary depending upon the type. For instance, the Dads can go up to 6 inches tall, but the cats only have a range of 2 to 2.5 inches. You can choose the size for each stick figure to proportion them with the other family members. If you need a size not available, please contact us first so we can verify the size can be created (this is specifically for sizes smaller than the ones available).

4. Stick Figure Name: If you want individual names under each figure, Click the box and type in the name. If you just want something like "The Jones Clan" or "Anderson Family", write it in this section on just the first stick figure. These names will appear centered below your family, unless you specify a different location in the comments section of your order.

5. Order Comments: We are happy to customize your stick family within reason. If you have any specific requests or questions concerning a stick family member, please add it to their comments section. If you have a general question about the entire stick family or have dimensional limitations, enter it into any stick family member's comments box. You may want to add your phone number or email address so we can get in touch with you if we have any questions.


1. Vinyl Color: All stick figures will be in the 8-year white outdoor/vehicle vinyl. Darker vinyl colors will not show up against window glare and other background colors. If you would like a color other than white, please request it in the comments section of your order. We do not charge extra for an alternate color, but we also do not guarantee that your stick figures will show up very well. If you choose to go with another color, we are not responsible for the visual outcome and therefore, will not give refunds or credit for this problem.

Available Vehicle-Quality Vinyl Colors: White, Black, Light Ivory, Red, Cobalt Blue, Gentian Blue, Silver, Gold

2. Window Placement: We will assume you want to apply these stick figures to the outside of your vehicle window. If you do not have tinted windows and would like to apply them to the inside of the window for longer wear, in the comments section please ask us to cut them in "Reverse". There is no extra charge for "Reverse" cutting.

3. As Bumper Stickers: If you would like to place your stick figures on the body of your car (as shown in the above picture), rather than on the window, you may ask for any color you like, just make sure it is a very contrasting color. White car = black or cobalt vinyl, Black car = white or light ivory vinyl. If you are not sure of what will contrast well, click here to order free color swatches or contact us and we will be happy to make suggestions.

4. Width Dimensions: If you have certain dimensions you need to stay within, please give us those dimensions in the comments section of your order. We will make sure your stick family does not go beyond your spacing requirements. This is especially helpful if your family has more than seven members or you are placing them on a bumper or other defined area.

5. Extra Add-Ons: The "Extras" are add-on thought bubbles and graphics you can add to any stick figure. When ordering these, make sure you select the same "Order of Appearance" number as the stick figure you want it added to. (For example if you want the money bubble added to your Dad stick figure who is in #1 placement, make the money bubble in #1 placement as well.)

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