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Welcome to VinylLetterDecor, your one-stop source for vinyl lettering, vinyl wall art, floral embellishments, and stick figure decals. We’ve specialized in custom vinyl lettering for your home and office walls since 2008. Our vinyl wall art is of the highest quality, and will add charm and personality to any room.


Vinyl lettering art is the process of cutting letters or designs from a sheet or roll of vinyl. These designs are placed on the wall or other surface instead of hand painting or stenciling the design.

Vinyl decor can be placed easily and seamlessly on your walls or any other smooth surface. We use matte finish indoor vinyl with a water-based adhesive for easy application and easy removal. Our vinyl designs have no background whatsoever, and the designs are pre-spaced and precision-cut so the vinyl looks like it was hand painted by a professional artist.

This vinyl is rated for 2-3 years indoors. However, the vinyl will stay on the wall until you take it off. So, potentially you could enjoy your vinyl design for up to ten years or longer without problems.


Installation of our designs is very easy. Smaller designs of one color will come on one sheet. Larger designs, or designs with two or more color choices, we come on multiple sheets. We include arrows, lines, or diamonds for easy alignment of all the pieces. We create the design in a way that it is very easy to apply to the wall. If you have never had the opportunity to adhere a vinyl design, please see our full installation instructions.


Yes, our vinyl is removable and removes easily with just your fingernail or tweezers. If your design is one piece, such as a star or dot, then you can remove and reposition it easily. However, keep in mind, each time you reposition your design, the adhesive loses some grip. We suggest taping your design to the wall and making sure you are happy with where the design is prior to actually applying it.

For designs with multiple pieces such as a quote with words, then repositioning it could be very tricky. Because our vinyl is not on a background and each letter is individual, it would be very difficult to reposition each letter exactly with the right spacing. Therefore, trying to reposition your quote is not recommended.


We offer hundreds of pre-designed vinyl expressions and vinyl wall art, which you can customize with your choice of size to fit your space and color(s) to match your décor. If you would like to create your own design, please check out our Custom Design Center, where you can input any quote, size and color. If you want to create a design more intricate than what our design center can do, then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your design ideas and create for you an original.


Personal phrases, spiritual quotes, family sayings passed on for generations – you’ll find that Vinyl Letter Decor vinyl wall art complete your home with what they say as well as the way they look. Vinyl wall art is perfect as gifts for any occasion. In addition to placing your design on a wall, vinyl is perfect for placing on wood, tile, glass, and plaques that can easily be gifted.

Love the holidays? Vinyl is great for seasonal sayings and decorations for any holiday or event of the year. Simply apply the vinyl to a board, glass block, etc. for a project that can be brought out just for that season.


We are happy to send graphical proofs to make sure you are happy prior to cutting your order. We also guarantee our workmanship and as well as the quality of our vinyl. If you encounter any problems, please let us know and we will quickly resolve the issue. We will complete and ship your order within 2 business days. We offer both USPS and UPS, with several shipping options from each. Plus, enjoy FREE shipping on any order over $75.

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